Why am I on sexbroker?

I grew up in a small town and tried early to understand my own sexuality. I never tied my self-esteem to values like virginity or monogamy, but I still hadn't really explored many of my desires. I wanted to meet people with alternative lifestyles, and when I met them, the stereotypes I had built began to dissolve. During this time I was in my mid-twenties and had an active sex life.

One day I decided to become a call girl for fun and with the prospect of financial independence. Sexbroker has appealed to me at this time to be a modern and independent platform - values that suit me well. At first I only took dates from time to time. I thought if I only had one appointment a month, I could pay off my car loan and have a little extra money. Finally, I decided to work exclusively as an escort.

At that time I gave up my programming job because I had the financial security. I can now take care of a family member with a serious illness.

Why I use sexbroker?

As the sales manager of a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, I am frequently on the road to trade fairs, signing contracts or visiting companies. I deal with a wide variety of great people, but I usually say goodbye to them in the evening.

I don't like to spend the evening alone, which is why I occasionally look for pleasant company via Through the platform I have already had some wonderful dates with humorous, attractive girls. I also appreciate the transparency of sexbroker, as well as the innovative approaches like the use of blockchain

What we offer

  • A free profile
  • Unlimited number of bookings
  • No commission, you keep what you earn
  • Free SMS notification for bookings
  • Innovative features such as crypto currencies for anonymous payment
  • attractive presentation of your profile
  • excellent ranking of your profile on search engines like Google - worldwide! (can be deactivated)

sexbroker - some facts

Averaging 7 bookings / week

Available in 14 languages

Available in 43 countries

What to expect

  • International clients
  • More money
  • Free time management
  • Booking calendar, which you can also use for other acquired dates
  • Non-binding sex or relaxed evenings - you decide
  • Sexy moments and adventures
  • A clear and easy to use app (currently in beta)

But above all: no obligations!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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